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Euro Projects

Officine Kairòs employs qualified personnel who creates partnerships for local, provincial and regional activities aimed at social development within the EU. This EU networking activity is offered to public institutions, joint townships, coops, product clubs, social enterprises, non-profits, foundations, museums, libraries, theaters and more.
Officine Kairòs operates within the latest EU financing programs and within a network that touches all countries within the Union. Specifically, we develop our partnerships through:

  • Defining, monitoring and evaluating each project
  • Building parallel project paths at the local, national and community level, while creating a common process
  • Technical and formal definition of each project, with consistency among its participants
  • Organizational planning of means and resources
  • Integrated global communication (360o) for the project to be financed
  • Creation of European partnership with Officine Kairòs acting as project consultant and help-desk
  • Helping raise funds through EU-sponsored programs; focus-grouping the partnering areas for shared ideas, needs and goals
  • Enabling fruitful cooperation among partnering areas as well as facilitating access to national and European financing programs.

Officine Kairòs