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Sustainable transportation

The engineering team at Officine Kairòs specializes in sustainable transportation for regions, cities and towns, parks, coops, museums and much more.
We start by evaluating an area for pedestrian and cycling accessibility. We do this strictly on-site, by studying the terrain and assessing its potential along such preexisting pathways as rivers or canals, unused roads or train-tracks, game- or herding-trails and even ancient Roman roads or pilgrimage routes. After developing a graphic model, we analyze the potential costs as well as the likely quality of the pathway. We also produce plans to reorganize an area for sustainable transportation, as well as to optimize it for travel and tourism.
Furthermore, Officine Kairòs evaluates the potential of an area's tourist economy, always along the lines of sustainable development. We create itinerary networks linked to accommodations suitable for the numbers and profiles of potential guests. We also develop Zone-30 and shared-space models, pedestrian and cyclists' plans as well as plans for removal of architectural barriers.

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