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About us

Kairòs is an ancient Greek word meaning "God's time" as well as "proportion", "symmetry" and "opportunity." The Kairòs is the point where action becomes one with time. It is therefore the "right point" and the "right moment." The Kairòs is an instant. It is an idea linked to the type of action that must be performed at once and that brooks no delay or hesitation. The connotation of the Kairòs is time in relation to human action. It is the small adjustment that leads to great outcomes. It is "all that measures improvement over anything else."
This philosophy has been the core value of Officine Kairòs since 1994.
Officine Kairòs is a firm that has deserved the confidence of countless clients in developing dreams and ideas. It has been a reliable and competent one-stop-shop partner who can be trusted to smooth the path before you. We employ consultants specializing as communication specialists, Euro-project developers, marketing strategists, Web and graphic designers, social media specialists, engineers, mobility managers, PR consultants, photographers and videographers.

Officine Kairòs